Saturday, November 06, 2021

Dudi Knopfler - Tatte - Official Video

This song has touched my heart on many levels and I’m sure it will strike a chord in your heart too.

This is an original song performed by Shlomi Shabat - Aba, which he originally composed for his Dear father and continued spreading it throughout all Jewish sects.

About a year ago I came across this song and the idea to translate it into Yiddish for my own father suddenly came to me, this was a personal song and I had no plan of releasing the it later on.

But as life takes it’s tolls, whenever I shared the song, I was instantly told that it is unfair of me to keep such an amazing masterpiece to myself especially a song that can help more people get closer to their father.

Whether it’s getting closer to their father figuratively or getting closer to our father hashem echad!

I hope this song continues to inspire all of you as it has inspired me.

Hashem should help that we should all be zocheh to feel Hashems Fatherly compassion in our hearts!


Song Originally Sung: שלומי שבת - אבא
Song Originally Composed: דורון מדלי
Yiddish Lyrics: Dudi Knopfler
Project Production by: Yossi Shick Label
Arrangement: Achia Cohen, David Taub
Music Production: David Taub
Vocals Recorded: BYG Studios
Mix by: Ronen Hillel
Video: MUDEO Productions
Production Manager: Moshe Grunfeld
Lyrics Animation: ArrangeIt.Media
Cover Design: Yanky Heller / ArrangeIt.Media Marketing: Mendy Kurent / ArrangeIt.Media

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