Sunday, November 14, 2021

Dance Chabad! Krohma ft Benny, Eli & Kapelle

We are thrilled and humbled to present this compilation of Classic Chabad Niggunim during Kislev, a month so filled with special and noteworthy dates in the Chabad calendar. Starting with Rosh Chodesh Kislev, these wonderful and significant historical highlights continue throughout the month. The incomparable talents of Benny Friedman, Eli Marcus, Avremi G, Yossi Cohen & Kapelle along with Nochi Krohn conducting the dynamic and exciting KROHMA Band, bring yet another revitalization of these timeless Niggunim into your homes and into your hearts. DANCE CHABAD!

Produced by Krohma Music
Arranged and conducted by Nochi Krohn
Audio mix: Nochi Krohn
Video: Motty Engel
Crown Heights on location videography & photography: Yisroel Teitelbaum @jewish.giant
Video edit: Nochi & SB Krohn
Kapelle choir led by Yossi Cohen
Nigunim titles and historical notes: Eli Marcus
Team KROHMA: Dov Katz, Elly Zomick, Michael Sojcher
Lighting: Dynamic Vision
VJ: Shmulik Van Harush
Live sound & recording: Black Arrow productions; Engineered by Ruli Ezrachi
Venue, staging and logistics courtesy of Eli Gerstner, EG Productions
International scribe: Bluma Uzan
International Concierge: Ely Katz Symphonia Productions

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