Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Brothers Yanki & Shmilly Rothschild - Al Hanisim

The Rothschild brothers strike again with a new Al hanisim song for chanukah composed by the younger brother “Shmilly” sung together with the older brother yanki as one in harmony.

As Chanukah approached they wanted to bring in a new vibe to the song Al Hanisim so they added a nice touch of country music and swing to it.

Composed by: Shmilly Rothschild
Lyrics by: Shmilly Rothschild
Sung by: Yanki & Shmilly Rothschild
Child Solo: Efraim Rothschild
Music by: Shragee Lerner
Mix & Mastering by: Sruli Broncher
Recording by: Sound Sonic Studio
video & edit: Blue Studios
lighting by: SVS Productions

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