Thursday, November 25, 2021

Benny & Yedidim "Fried's English Hits" AT Production

Benny Friedman & Yedidim "Fried's English Hits" An Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Turn back the clock with this English Classics Medley; featuring some of Avraham Fried's most legendary and timeless hits. This clip presents breathtaking arrangements by Maestro Yisroel Lamm, outstanding vocals from superstar Benny Friedman joined by The Yedidim Choir, and an all around spectacular musical display by The Aaron Teitelbaum Band.

Production: Aaron Teitelbaum
Musical Arranged & conducted by: Yisroel Lamm
Band Leader by: Shimmy Markowitz
Vocals: Benny Friedman
Choir Vocals: Yedidim Choir
Choir Leader: Shamshi Fried

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