Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Ahrele Samet - Avirah Deeretz Yisroel 2 - Av Harachamim

Get into the rhythm! "Av Harachaman" - off the second “Avira D’Eretz Yisroel” album by Ahrele Samet!

After becoming the undisputed machine of joy in the industry, two years ago Ahrele Samet released the dance album "Avira D'Eretz Yisroel," which became an instant hit on every dance floor.

With the beginning of the current chasuna season, Ahrele Samet now presents the second album in the series. As in the first album, this one, too, is accompanied by the beloved and energetic keyboard player Moshe Mendelson.

This new album has every bit of joy as the first one. It features the best dance songs, which were carefully selected to form a masterpiece.

Reb Yosef Moshe Kahana from L'chaim Music, who has taken a particular liking to Ahrele's songs and albums, is behind the distribution of the current album as well.

Listen to a preview: The well-known chassidishe melody "Av Harachaman."

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