Friday, November 26, 2021

A Taste of Shazak & Mega-Chanukah Sale!

CHANUKAH SALE! - 20% OFF! - COUPON CODE - 20Shazak - Limited time!

Shazak Multimedia - - is your place for Torah - Where learning and fun meet!

For the the FULL SHAZAK EXPERIENCE, Parsha videos and a lot more...
📍Over 60 Parsha and Holiday Videos | 📍Over 1,200 Custom Pictures and Audio Clips |📍 Digital Quizzers | 📍Printable “Parsha on the Page” | 📍“The Parsha Post” Newspaper |📍 A Ton of Laughs | 📍Fantastic Audio With Amazing SFX |📍 Torah Insights and a Lot More! 📍AGES 3-103!

Creators of Queen of Persia, Out of Egypt and Miracle Lights and now… Shazak Parsha!

Every Parsha of the Torah! All the Jewish Holidays!

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