Friday, October 22, 2021

Niggun Ahava - Betzalel - Carlebach Tribute

A TYH Nation / Farbrengable Studios Production / Mendy Portnoy

This song is in tribute to Shlomo Carlebach. Shlomo was unlike anybody else ever. Shlomo lived his life for the Jewish people, bringing them laughter and tears with his guitar, his music and his stories. As thousands of people can tell you how they’ve experienced it first hand, Shlomo gave all of his time, money, and heart to every person he met. He left nothing to himself.

Shlomo Carlebach composed hundreds of songs. Here’s one that many have never heard. Named Niggun Ahava, Song of love.

Because if you had to describe Shlomo Carlebach in one word it would be this: Love


Composed by Shlomo Carlebach
Sung by Betzalel Levin
Music Produced, arranged and Mixed by Mendy Portnoy
Choir: Gershy Schwartz and Betzalel Levin
Vocals & Percussion and Mastering by Gershy Schwartz @ Edgware Studios
Design: Yakov Josephy

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