Thursday, October 14, 2021

A Thru Z With Yossi Zweig: Yaakov Shwekey

Ever wonder about the insights/events that inspired your favorite performers and personalities to choose the paths they did? The things they experienced that either gave their future a focus or their present a purpose?. So did we, which is why we created A thru Z with Yossi Zweig... A is for the Answers and Z is for Zweig the guy who’ll get them from your favorite artists and personalities--the people you know of but want to know more about.

For our debut episode, we were lucky enough to get the one and only Yaakov Shwekey. Prepare for a trip down memory lane as Yaakov shares with us his most memorable moments and takes us behind the scenes to the music and magic that’s defined him--and entertained us-- for almost a quarter of a century. What was his “Plan B” if his music didn't make it? Is he a fan of chazzonus? What goes through his mind in those fleeting moments before he goes on stage? Find out all that--plus a whole lot more courtesy of A Thru Z.

Filmed and Edited By: Psachya Skaist Films
Shot On Location At: The Special Children's Center/Lakewood NJ

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