Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Selichos with Shua Kessin at KBY 2021

Shua Kessin is well known for his uplifting kumzitzen & davening performances over the many prior years.

This includes High Holiday prayers / Shabbatons / weekend events & many simchas he's performed at.

His ability to inspire and get a crowd to sing and participate has made him a unique asset to the world of Jewish music. His energy and hartz are matched only by his likability, sweetness, range and diverse knowledge of music.

Whether it’s a Chassidishe, Litvishe, Sefardishe or more contemporary crowd, Shua has shown an ability to adapt and put on a performance enjoyed by all. And his ability to connect & energize a live crowd, be it in his singing or telling stories, is a facet of Shua’s musical ability that thousands have found entertaining and stimulating over the many years.

The Selichos shown in this video, was a special musical Selichos event arranged for the first night of Selichos at Khal Bnei Yisuschur in Toms River NJ, led by Harav Ozer Babad Shlita.

The Selichos was a tremendous inspiration and amazing start to the High Holidays / RH - YK which was felt among all attending, as seen in the different parts of this video. The footage here are highlights of the entire Selichos performed by Shua Kessin. You can feel the raw emotion and energy throughout the highlights as words of prayer and selicha are spoken & song. May we all have an uplifting & amazing year full of spirituality & growth with health & all great things we yearn for!

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