Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Iberbaten - Hillel Gross - Single

The holy "Sar Shulem" of Belz disappeared one morning before Slichos and was found peeking into the window of the town's tailor before heading to Shul. People of the town later asked the tailor if he's by chance a hidden Tzadik. Not knowing what they're referring to he told them;

This morning I prepared two glasses of liquor. I told Hashem I'm upset. Business went down this year and in my rage wasn't so Ehrlich. I then said to Hashem, let's make peace. I won't be mad at you and you don't be mad at me. I drank both glasses and waved Lechaim to Hashem and went on with my day.

Produced by: Motti Gantz
Written and Performed by: Hillel Gross
Recorded at: MG Studio’s
Mixed by: Shimon Strohli
Cover art: Yanki Heller

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