Saturday, September 11, 2021

Help end Pain and Suffering. Repair Marriages. Save Lives.

Rabbi Twerski saw Guard Your Eyes as his FINAL MISSION, the culmination of his lifelong career of championing the cause of suffering souls whose pain he knew and felt, perhaps more than anyone else. Watch this video tribute to Rabbi Twerski zt"l.

In his unique capacity as a rabbi and a psychiatrist to whom thousands turned for help, Rabbi Twerski witnessed first-hand the many lives and families destroyed by what he called "the biggest mageifah of our times." He declared that supporting this cause is "literally a pikuach nefesh".

Please help tens of thousands of Yidden by supporting GuardYourEyes during our once-a-year High Holiday campaign and share the merit of the teshuvah of thousands of Jews around the world. Imagine the increased zechus this gives you before Yom Kippur!

Donate today.

May you be inscribed in the book of life!

P.S. Get a complimentary copy of our new book, "His Final Mission: Rabbi Twerski's Fight Against Internet Addiction."

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