Sunday, August 29, 2021

WATCH LIVE: Bringing Jerusalem to the World

Chabad of Rechavia, Jerusalem Presents the 2nd Annual Online Concert:

"Bringin Jerusalem to the World"

This year, thousands of our regular guests from around the world, will not be able to come to Jerusalem, to celebrate the Chagim & Holidays. In preparation for the month of Tishrei, we will bring the magical atmosphere of Jerusalem, to the world!

With Chassidic Superstar AVRAHAM FRIED
Pirchei Yerushalaim Boys Choir
Rapper Nissim Black
Gershon Wachtel World-class Piano Artist
Shofar Player - Amit Sofer

8:00 pm Jerusalem Time
1:00 pm EST
10:00 am PST
6:00 pm London Time
3:00 am Australian Time

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