Monday, August 23, 2021

Kolel L'Horaah Ma'asis 2021

The Kolel L'Horaah Ma'asis of Crown Heights serves as the premier educational institution for young Rabbis aspiring to serve as Rabonim and Poskim in communities worldwide.

This Kollel, the first of its kind in the Chabad world, is training over 40 young Rabbis in the practical applications of Jewish Law and prepares them to serve as leading Halachic authorities worldwide.

All the Shiurim delivered in Kolel are streamed live and available afterwards on YouTube, this past year alone over 120 Shiurim have been broadcast, spanning the topics of Mikvaos and Ribbis in-depth, various Halachic topics of interest, and Chassidus Shiurim from renowned speaker and orator Rabbi Simon Jacobson.

Rabbi Shlomo Greenwald - Founder
Rabbi Sholom Shuchat - Rosh Kollel
Rabbi Shraga Homnick - Sgan Rosh Kollel

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WATCH: Chavrei and Roshei Hakollel of the Kolel L'Horaah Ma'asis speak about what makes the kollel special and why you should become a part of what it's accomplishing

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