Monday, August 30, 2021

Duvid Berger 'Heilige Taig 5782' Yomim Noraim Medley

Some things never change.

Although R’ Duvid Berger now spends his nights enhancing simchas and events around the world, his hartz and message stay the same.

Back with a new edition of "הייליגע טעג", Duvid's rich vocals combined with this collection of soulful melodies are sure to get you in the proper mood and mindest to make the most of these special days.

This heartwarming medley consists of some of your favorite Elul - Tishrei hits, as well as some old-time renowned classics.

Hamelech - Nisach
Melech Shochein Ad - R’ Moshe Goldman A”H
L’Maancha - Eitan Katz
Haneshama Lach - Benny Herskowitz A”H
Hayoim Haras Olam
Ve’yeida Kol Po’el - Pittsburg
Meloich - R’ Shlomo Carlebach
Vehoyu Hashem L’Melech - R’ Shmuel Brazil
Udom Yesodo - Satmar
Ein Kitzvu - R’ Shlomo Carlebach

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