Thursday, August 26, 2021

Dudi Knopfler - Together - Music Video

A few years ago, at a live Kumzitz in Yeshivas Darchai Torah of Farockaway, one of their Maggidei Shiur, and well-known composer, Rabbi Chaim Davis, approached me with this beautiful, meaningful song. Since then, I've performed this song many times over in various Yeshivas. I was taken aback each time anew, as I witnessed the unbreakable achdus that emerged between the bachurim every single time!

Recently, when I performed it at a kumzitz in camp Ruach Chaim, we filmed it to be able to share with the whole world! There is no better time to release this song, than now in the times of Ikvesa d'Meshicha, especially in the holy days of Elul, leading up to Rosh Hashanah. In these auspicious days, we all gather together as one, to Crown Our Dear Father in Heaven! May our achdus and love to each and every yid bring the Geulah Shleima speedily, in our days! Amen!

Song Composed: r' Chaim Davis
Keyboard: Chesky Schwartz
Flute: Shmaya Karpen
Percussion: Meir Loeffler
Recording Studio & Mix: Avrumy Lunger
Video: MUDEO Productions
Live Video: Ben-Hesh

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