Sunday, August 15, 2021

Chap A Tantz - Shmiel Hersh Miller - Chaim Brown

After months of anticipation, Shmiel Hersh is back with another musical masterpiece guaranteed to get you off your feet.

Enjoy an energetic live dance set, featuring superstar Chaim Brown with backup vocals by Moishy Schwartz and Avrumi Basch.

Get off that couch, pump up the volume and dance along with this collection of nonstop hits.

Music arranged & conducted by: Shmiel Hersh Miller
Sung by: Chaim Brown
Backup Vocals: Avrumi Basch & Moishy Schwartz
Live Sound: BH Audio 845-608-9119
Live Sound Engineer: Burech Yida Holtzler
Stage Manager: Pinny Melamed
Lighting: GW Lighting
Video by: Motty Engel & Ari Levy
Video editing by: Ari Levy, On Dot Studios

Song Credits:
1. Lev Nishbar - Yoely Greenfeld - Composed by Meir Adler
2. Kol Atzmosai - Michoel Schnitzler - Composed by Lipa Schmeltzer
3. Nigen Hashlichim - Chabad - Composed by R’ Fitel Levine
4. Rega - Sung & Composed by Hanan Ben Ari
5. Adir - Yeshiva Boys Choir - Composed by Eli Gerstner

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