Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Israeli Trip - Dudi Knopfler & Friends

Get the experience of a live Kumzitz with the world famous singer - Dudi Knopfler!

Lately, the American crowd became very into singing the Israeli /Hebrew songs, as they are beautiful & very connecting. Therefore, Dudi decided to take you on an Israeli trip!

בין קודש לחול - אמיר דדון, שלי רנד
כל הנחלים - נפתלי קמפה
שבורי לב - חנן בן ארי
אמא - חנן בן ארי
הלב שלי - ישי ריבו
כנפי רוח - בני לנדאו

Keyboard - Chesky Schwartz
Percussion - Meir Loeffler
Guitar - Nachmen Dryer
Flute - Menachem Friedman
Creative Director - Avrumy Lunger
Post Production - Nussy Landau
Choir Arranged - Yanky Braun
Mixed - Yaniv Balas
Project in Collaboration with The Yossi Shick Lable

Video by - MUDEO Productions
Directed by - Moshe Grunfeld
Party planner - Yiddy Wagschal
Hookah by - The Hookah Man
Wine by - Lazer Wine Master

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