Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Yogati - Rafi the King Ft. Schnitzler, Beri, Falkowitz

For more than a year now Rafi has been working on this song which was an inspiration to him after finishing the full Seder Zeraim and the words יגעת ומצאת תאמין was his deepest feeling inside.

He then called the very talented composer Motty Ilowitz and told him his story, and asked for a song written for him to be able to express his feelings, Motty sent him this song and it clicked right away.

Music was brilliantly arranged and recorded by Mendy Hershkowitz at Sonic Duo Studio, and the choir was done by Lev Voices led by the talented Aba Berkowitz!.

When it came to choose singers Michoel wasn't even a question, we all know that they are friends for a long time now.

Two more singers felt like joining the project and help Rafi feel even greater success in his journey and so we got Beri Weber and Levy Falkowitz to sing "You Got It/Yogati"

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