Sunday, May 23, 2021

Nissim Saal - Eishes Chayil - Music Video

Nissim Saal is back with a soul-stirring performance of "Eishes Chayil."

After the very successful debut of "Breeze Of Hope" that brought him onto the stage at high-end events and weddings, Nissim discovered and recorded this unique song for Chuppahs and weddings.

Nissim's amazing voice and range delivers a great performance on this song, filled with emotion and heart, and accompanied by a beautiful orchestral arrangement by David Taub, in addition to a music video.

Produced by: Shmily Steinberg
Music Arranged by: David Taub
Vocals Recorded by: Motti Gantz Studios
Mixed by: Chaim Moses
Video Produced, Filmed & Directed by: Shmily Steinberg - Shoot Studios
Edited by: Shoot Studios & Platinum Edit

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