Monday, May 24, 2021

Eluku D'meir Aneini - Michoel Schnitzler

In loving memory of my unforgettable brother "R' Boruch Yida Schnitzler Z”L"

My special brother used to collect money for many years for the special cause of Tzidkas R' Meir Baal Hanes. At the young age of 62, R' Boruch Yida suddenly was Nifter just one day before the Yuhrtzeit of R' Meir for which his cause of Tzdaka was all these years.

There's no better way of expressing my feelings of yearning and memories than by releasing a song to his Yuhrtzeit with the words 'Eluku D'Meir Aneini.

The song, a composition written by my good friend R' Pinky Weber is filled with emotion, motivation, and takes such a special place in my heart after I was so close to my brother. The song will bring memories to lots of people who knew my brother, a warm hearted person that always had something good to say about another Yid, a man that would always make sure to bring upon smiles on other Yidden's faces.

Production: Gershy Schwartz
Composed & Lyrics by: Pinky Weber
Music Arranged by: Yanky Ciment
Vocals Recorded at: Neshuma Flam Studios
Child Solist: Yossi Malik
Choirs Arranged & Recorded by: David Taub
Kids Choirs by: Yossi Glick - Shevach Studios
Mixed by: Ruli Ezrachi
Design & Artwork by: Arrange It Media
Video by: Leiby Wieder - Studio 62

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