Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Rescuing Struggling Driver

This is the moment a woman driving a Volkswagen Passat sedan struggled to parallel park.

The female driver lined up her VW beside a parked car and attempted to reverse into the spot.

After several attempts, the woman, who is believed to be in America, gets out of her car to measure the space.

The woman takes small steps to count out the distance between the two parked cars and then repeats the process with her own car.

Satisfied the car should fit into the spot, the woman tries and fails to reverse into the spot.

At one stage, a pet owner picks up her dog from the street to bring it safely away from the car.

Fortunately for the woman, a lady decides to give her some assistance and helps with directions while she reverses between the two cars.

After a couple of more attempts the driver manages to park correctly and is clearly pleased.

She jumps out of her car to hug the woman who provided assistance as she was finding the gap too tight.

However, in the final moments of the video, the Good Samaritan gets into her own car behind the woman's and drives off.

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