Thursday, April 01, 2021

Modziter Kumzitz Chol Hamoed Pesach 2021

The bi-annual Modzitzer Chol Hamoed Kumzitz took place this Tuesday evening, the 18th of Nissan, at the home of R' Aron Orlander, where lovers of Modzitzer negunim in the Chasidic Boro Park community were invited to come and join in the singing of the many lively niggunim, articulated in the classic Modzitz style and spirit

The Kumzitz is well-known for its featuring of the many Modzitz classiscs, as well as some treats from the lesser known vast selection of Modzitzer negina.

The kumzitz leaders, R' Aron Orlander and R' Dovid Bick, two close friends and students of R' Ben Zion Shenker zt"l, demonstrated the breadth of the Modzitz repertoire, as they sang niggunim of pure joy and spirituality.

Those in attendance also had the pleasure of hearing the skillful musical accompaniment of pianist, Dov Lenchevsky, as well as the heartwarming clarinet of R' Shmuel Helfand. Another highlight of the evening was the soulful singing of R' Yitzchok Tovia Kurtz, who was asked to share some musical gems composed by his grandfater, Chazzan R' Yossele Mandelbaum Z"l.

The kumzitz gave life to melodies from generations past, enabling the feelings of joy sparked by these niggunim to re-enter the present day. It was an opportunity for participants to re-ignite their passion for singing and music, and left all present feeling inspired and uplifted.

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