Thursday, April 01, 2021

From Skin and Wool to Tzitzis and Tefillin: The Process

We all know that tzitzis and tefillin comes somehow from an animal. But how? Stop scratching your head and wondering how the goat at the petting zoo somehow turns into black tefillin or white tzitzis. Come along the fascinating trip painstakingly planned by Mefoar Judaica to actually see it!

Follow Rabbi Leibish Lish, the middos rebbe, as he uses expertise, humor and a dose of yiras Shamayim to explain the process in coordination with the amazing volunteers of Achim B'Yachad, a division of Chai Lifeline.

In the half-hour video, Rabbi Lish details the months of work that go into manufacturing tefillin and tzitzis, from when the wool is first cut and the hide skinned, down to the magical moment when the bar mitzvah bochur finally gets the ready made product, packaged in a beautiful velvet bag.

Mefoar, a Boro Park icon, has spent hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to set up a state of the art exhibit, with spinning looms, jars of processing material and equipment. Watch and tell us how you enjoyed it!

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