Monday, April 26, 2021

Dispelling the Myths Surrounding the COVID Vaccine

There has been a lot of myths circulating about COVID vaccines. Dr. Shimshi Zimmerman, the Director of Chevra Hatzalah discusses some of the rumors as well as the science dispelling them. Baruch Hashem: As we move forward in the fight against COVID-19, we have a new lifeline that will help us save lives and return to a semblance of normalcy—the vaccine. The vaccine has been proven to drastically reduce the chance of getting COVID-19 and is even more protective against severe illness. It has the potential to save countless lives, prevent many people from experiencing complications from the virus and has proven to be safe.

This medical breakthrough finally allows us to anticipate a return to normalcy, and therefore, it is important to do your fact-checking before believing any rumors.

This vaccine is the ticket out of our current situation, but only if it is actually taken by members of our community. We all dream of a time where our comings and goings will not be restricted due to COVID regulations and now is our chance to make that a reality.

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Please speak to your primary care provider with any questions regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. All listed COVID 19 vaccines have been approved under FDA EUA.