Monday, March 08, 2021

Vsechzenah - Chaim Mordche Feuerwarger - Single

Chaim Mordche fulfills his passion of soulful musicality with bringing you this beautiful melody he composed when he was a young Bucher after thinking for a minute into the words that explains our yearning for the 3rd Beis HaMikdosh after being in Golus for so long, Chaim Mordche has an archive of close to 200 own compositions and is slowly starting to take the world by storm of the talent he has, heartwarming songs accompanied by such a unique voice heard once in a lifetime.

So sit back and join him on his journey as he shares one song after the other for you to enjoy!

Produced & Directed by: Yossi Shick
Song Composed by: Chaim Mordche
Music Arranged by: Shimon Strohli
Choirs Arranged & Conducted by: Hershy Menczer
Vocals Recorded @ Musical Cave Studios
Engineered by: Hershy Menczer
Mixed & Mastered by: Shimon Strohli

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