Saturday, March 13, 2021

Srully Williger Mitzvah Tantz - English

Capturing the heimishkeit of the mitzvah tantz for chasanim and kallahs who may not speak Yiddish, Srully Williger continues to innovate as an English-language badchan, bringing the full beauty of this centuries old minhag to the next generation.

Having performed at weddings for nearly three decades, Srully has seen that the mitzvah tantz is the focal point of the night for many, with much of its flavor lost because of the language barrier.

Drawing on both his musical abilities and his unique gift for lyrics , Srully is breathing new life into this emotional minhag, giving new couples the ability to end their special night on a high note, whether they choose to have their mitzvah tantz in English, Yiddish or both.

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