Saturday, March 06, 2021

Mayim Bochim | Dudi Kalish, Motty Vizel, Yossi Fried

Listen to an amazing melody "Mayim Bochim"- a composition by a talented, young rising composer 'Yossi Fried' from the UK, a song that melts the heart of its listener to pieces. It's a melody full of emotion and musicality, this is one that you'll have on repeat!

Composer 'Yossi Fried' known by now with some incredible pieces out there performed by very talented vocalists and recording artists such as Gershy Uri, Menachem Lichtenstein and Srulik Kletzkin. Recently on the debut album 'Chibu' released by 'Chilu Genuth' Yossi has surprised the world with another incredible song but this time on a whole new level.

Yossi sat down about 2 months ago with master composer & arranger Dudi Kalisch from Israel to work on some great music. This is where Yossi played Dudi a song that caught him right away. Dudi then asked him 'How about I do the music, arrangements and sing this song?' Yossi liked the idea and they started working on it right away. Dudi then felt that the production needed a little more colour and therefore decided to bring up the superstar Motty Vizel into the production.

The song started moving rapidly forward. Phenomenal music and vocals were in the process of being recorded at Yanky Cohens' studio. This was when Yanky mentioned that Yossi should take a small vocal lead in the project.

Now it was time to involve Sruly into the plan. They got him to write the script for this professional music video on which he brought it up to next level with filming on a pontoon boat sailing in the Kineret in Tiberias.

Sit back, Enjoy the moments, Imagine yourself floating on the water singing מים בוכים.....

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