Thursday, March 25, 2021

Join the Erev Yom Tov Momentum in Yerushalayim

As Pesach draws closer the tempo on the streets of Yerushalayim is picking up as people once again enjoy the sounds and smells of the upcoming Z'man Cheiruseinu.

Nevertheless, through all the excitement among the crowds there are those downcast individuals. Yes rampant poverty still exists even in working families and the Kimche D'Pischa - Oneg Shabbos V'Yom Tov/Rechnitz Family Mammoth Pesach Campaign is literally a life-saver.

On a particularly warm day for the time of year, literally thousands of appreciative people headed to Malcha just south of Yerushalayim's city center, picking up boxes and boxes of provisions from Oneg Shabbos V'Yom Tov/Rechnitz Family Distribution to alleviate the burden of making Pesach.

The Pre-Pesach Market 5781 is fully stocked for more than 15,000 food packages consisting of a colossal 300,000 pounds of meat and chicken, several ton of Matzos, thousands of bottles of wine and grape juice from Italy for Kiddush and Arba Kosos, close to 3 million eggs and seven hundred thousand kilo of top quality fruits and vegetables, and much much more.

Families arrive at the market where there is an upbeat atmosphere and the handpicked top-quality Pesach provisions and produce, matzos, wines, a variety of canned goods, other non-perishables and meat, fish and chicken stored in special over-sized freezers, is loaded into their vehicles, in an efficient manner by smiling volunteers who offer service with a smile.

Thanks to Oneg Shabbos V'Yom Tov/Rechnitz Family 5881 Campaign, from today till yom tov, those sad eyes among the passersby will now be replaced by the content look of menuchas hanefesh as our less fortunate Acheinu Bnei Yisroel in Eretz Yisroel look forward to sitting down to the Seder with dignity.

As you sit down to the Seder with your families you will have the zechus of having fulfilled Kol Dichfin as you envision the family that you have sponsored having oneg Yom Tov in Eretz Yisroel and may we all be zoche to L’Shana Habaah B’Yerushalayim.

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