Wednesday, March 10, 2021

DJ Yossi Newman Feat Y.B. "Na Na - Please Please"

In davening we say Habeit Na, Racheim Na, as we are always asking Hashem to guide us and help us. However, at the end of the day, we control our lives to a point, and we obviously try to do our best. But we need Hashem’s help and guidance.

We try to be remembered for the good things we’ve done in our lifetime.

To quote the lyrics “I want to be a somebody to everybody” - I don’t want to affect just one person, but rather a lot of people. One wants to give tzedakah not just with their money, but with all their being. To guide and influence people, so that in the distant future, we are still remembered for all the great deeds that we’ve done. With Hashem’s help, one can have that and leave a golden legacy for future generations.

As with Yossi’s previous song, this song was composed and features original lyrics written by Yossi himself. He is joined by newcomer Y. B., the featured vocalist on this track, who really gives depth to the message of the song.

Composed and lyrics by: Yossi Newman
Featured vocalist: Y.B.
Music by: Jack Shore
Vocals recorded at: Stratford Studios
Photographer: Meir Kruter
Cover design & lyrical video: Yossi Zweig – Intelligent Noise LLC
Photo taken at: Factory 220

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