Thursday, March 18, 2021

Avrumi Lunger & Dudi Herschkop - R' Elimelech's Niggun

Avrumi Lunger and Dudi Herschkop in an incredible performance: R' Elimelech's Dveykus Niggun

In honor of R' Elimelech of Lizensk's Yahrtzeit and the upcoming holiday of Pesach, Chassidic singer Avrumi Lunger was exposed to the holy Niggun of R' Elimelech, and decided to release the Niggun with a proper and quality arrangement and performance.

This niggun is sung in a diverse range of Chassidic groups, including Toldos Aharon and others, and is even found in the Book of Niggunim of Chabad.

In order to make this song even more special and touching, Lunger chose to add child soloist Dudi Hershkop, who is well-known for his beautiful singing and his sweet voice.

Composition: R' Elimelech of Lizensk
Soloists: Avremi Lunger, Child soloist Dudi Hershkop
Musical Arrangement: Shmulik Weinreich
Recorded: Anachnu V'Tze'Etzaeinu Studios
Vocal Recordings: David Taub
Piano: Achiya Cohen
Mix and Mastering: Chaim Mozes
Graphics: Shimon Ruchman - SDR

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