Thursday, February 11, 2021

Zusha - Mishenichnas Adar - Music Video

As the month of Adar begins in only couple of days we offer this tune originally composed by Dov Shurin. The words, “once Adar enters (our cycle of time) we increase in joy” are more important now then ever. How is it possible to command an emotion like joy or happiness? Well possibly because joy is an attitude not an emotion. Not saying that every day you have to feel the joy but you must put on the joy glasses, put on the happiness hat, and if you practice the act of smiling, eventually it will become a genuine smile.

This song is upbeat and energetic and makes you want to get up and dance! That’s the holiness of Adar. No matter what is going on in your life, just get up and dance. Life is short and Purim teaches us that HaShem runs the show. So put on a smile, lace up your dancing shoes and share the song with your friends and family.

Producer: Zachary Goldschmiedt
Visual Guidance: Jon Seale
Filmed by: Shimmy Socol
Post Production: Jacob Blumberg

Composed by: Dov Shurin
Keys: Andrew Freedman
Guitar/Production: C Lanzbom @ Sherwood Ridge Studios
Mixing & Mastering: Will Hensley

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