Monday, February 01, 2021

Zalmy Schreiber Sings Pada Beshalom

Singer and pianist Zalmy Schreiber has released an uplifting recording of the Lubavitcher Niggun Padah Beshalom with an original contemporary feel and translated English chorus.

The Niggun was written for and is sung in honor of the release of the Alter Rebbe from prison, with lyrics from Tehilim Kapitel 55. The opening words - “Padah Beshalom” mean “Redeemed with Peace” or “Redeemed with Shalom”.

May all those who need redemption and peace receive their answers soon, and may the whole world see the ultimate redemption and true peace immediately.

Instagram @Zalmyschreiber

Music and Vocals - Zalmy Schreiber
Guitar - Moshe Katzen (@MosheKatzen)
Bass Guitar - Mendel Hadakov (@Mendelh1)
Recording and Artwork - Moishy Goldstein (@MusicStudioNYC)
Mixing and masterring by Ian Freitor and Daniel Kepler - PlayMasters Studio

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