Sunday, February 21, 2021

Shmuly Schneider - Zoche

Get right into the Purim spirit with this irresistibly catchy wedding song! After releasing his debut single Hisyatzivu which he composed, followed by his heartfelt Chasoif - We Need Your Light this past Chanuka, popular wedding singer Shmuly Schneider is back - this time joining forces with the incredible duo Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry to produce this powerful track! So get on those dancing shoes and turn up the volume! L'chaim!

Composed by Menachem Elbaum
Music arranged by Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry
Mixed and mastered by Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry
Graphic design by TechniqCreative
Animation by Blinq Media
Original song feat. on MBD - Tomid Besimcha(1994)

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