Monday, February 22, 2021

Leil Shabat Medley - Micha Gamerman - Animation Video

Welcome the brand-new Leil Shabat Animated Medley based on the latest Shabat Album by the Brazilian singer Micha Gamerman.

“Shabat Oneg with Micha Gamerman” consists of six medleys arranged by Benny Laufer: Tefilot Shabat Medley, Leil Shabat Medley, Yom Shabat Medley, Seudat Shlishit Medley, Birkat Hamazon Medley and Havdallah Medley.

This uplifting and energetic Medley is intended to make Shabbat even more special for people of all ages.

Music Arranged by: Benny Laufer
Mix: Chaim Meir Mozes
Choir: Israel Bergman, Gil Israelov
Kids Choir: Siftoteinu Naranena Choir, Conducted by Yechiel Lichtinger
Album Photography: Elki Gamerman, Mitsuo Koi
Album Design: Yossi Zweig
Screenplay: Micha Gamerman
Executive Production: Sarah Borges
Animation Direction: Artur Tavares
Animation by: SirCruX Studios

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