Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Help Missouri Torah Institute Raise $613K in 33 Hours

Help Missouri Torah Institute Raise $613K in 33 Hours- All or Nothing! Torah Equals All!

What a year it has been. So much has happened. So much has transpired. So much has changed. So much is different.

Yet, through the unsettling storm, one thing has anchored us to our roots.
Through the greatest challenges, one thing has kept us strong.
Through the ups and downs, one thing has kept us tethered to eternity. Our Torah!

To celebrate the strength of our Torah, and to ensure that it only gets stronger and stronger, Missouri Torah Institute is raising $613,000 together with all those who share the vision of keeping our Torah close to our hearts!

Click here to help MTI reach their goal!

We have 613 Mitzvos, 613 connections to Hashem.
תלמוד תורה כנגד כולם!
Our sages teach that the study of Torah equals all 613 Mitzvos.
Please help us anchor our anchor by supporting MTI’s TORAH EQUALS ALL! campaign and helping us achieve our $613,000 goal.

613 is every Jew’s goal!
613 makes us complete!
613 brings us close to Hashem!

Let’s all do 613 together:
1 Nation
1 Vision
1 Torah



After you give, please help us by sharing TORAH EQUALS ALL! with your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, social networks, and contacts. Together, we can rise beyond any challenge. And today, we will.

Missouri Torah Institute (MTI) is a rapidly growing Yeshiva where talmidim work together with their rebbeim and teachers to achieve academic, emotional, and spiritual growth according to their individual capacities, developing love for Hashem, for learning, and for themselves.

MTI’s rigorous Torah and general studies educational program engages the whole student in a positive and comfortable environment. It nurtures steady growth towards adult maturity through learning and helps students develop a sophisticated grasp of a Jew’s relationship with Hashem, enhanced by knowledge of self and scholastic achievement. A holistic approach to chinuch, engaging the mind, heart, and neshama, guides every activity at MTI.

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