Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Tzlil Vzemer Boys Choir "Kol Rina" 1984 Ft. Mendy Wald

Gruntig.net in conjunction with Nostalgic Productions present you with a very rare video recording, of Avraham Rosenberg's Tzlil Vzemer Boys Choir, featuring one of the greatest child soloist of that era, Mendy Wald.

Though you may know him from his albums, Mendy Wald, was a star child soloist on Tzlil Vzemer's "Wake up Yidden" album, as well as on their Volumes 1 through 4. He was a widely sought after child soloist, recorded on various albums, including 613 Torah Avenue and others.  This November of 1984 concert, (which also featured MBD and others), was his very last live childhood performance with the Tzlil Vzemer Boys Choir. Mendy, also has the same solo seen blow, on the studio recorded Tzlil Vzemer volume II album, which would be released several months after this performance.

Singing "Kol Rina" which would later be the first track on their Volume two album, though here it was performed as the concert finale.  

A Gruntig Exclusive!

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