Friday, January 29, 2021

One Voice: An Incredible Display of Talent (For Women)

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The Theatrical Production That Took the Audience By a Storm

Last Sunday, the world of Jewish womens’ entertainment was wowed by One Voice, a spectacular production led by the renowned Miriam Handler. Over 10,000 viewers watched the show, with all proceeds benefiting Partners in Torah, whose mission is to share the light of Torah with less affiliated Jews across the spectrum.

One Voice presented some of the most outstanding talent in the world of Jewish women’s entertainment in a captivating production, highlighting the power of individual voices when joined together. A suspenseful countdown opened the program, upon which several Partners in Torah shared their experiences in sharing Judaism with a fellow Jew, and how their small choice made a big difference.

The show started with a solitary spotlight illuminating the lead singer as she sang about the power of one voice, slowly being joined by the choir as more lights came on. Jackie Bitton then shared an inspirational story about the difference every single person can make, and the beauty created when talents and voices of self expression combine. A rollicking book report was presented in song, followed by a comical driving lesson starring master comediennes Chani Hoberman and Chayitty Pollack.

A musical portion ensued, where the audience was treated to a solo appearance by Mindy Blatt, whose soaring voice never fails to enthrall. An energetic dance routine was followed by an entertaining musical performance by professionally-trained opera singer Elena Tal, who shared her journey and the joy she felt in discovering the beauty of Torah. The joys of Zoom school and a household’s slow decline into the madness of quarantine were depicted next in a hilarious comedy spoof. Aliza Loeb, winner of the Go For It talent show last May, then performed an impressive solo, and Esther Jacobs and Chanchy Tennenbaum did a most entertaining rendition of musical punctuation. Comedies highlighting the bizarre realities of shidduchim and Zoom calls came next, along with a gorgeous duet by Mindy Nussbaum and Mindy Blatt. The ensemble performed another action-packed musical number, and finally closed with One Day More, a stirring song of hope.

One Voice entertained and inspired with its show-stopping lineup, bringing the community together for a positive cause. It couldn't have benefitted a more apt cause than Partners in Torah, an organization dedicated to connecting Jews around the world. It was so well-received that a second viewing has been scheduled for January 30th and 31st, for only $20 per viewing pass. Use code ONEVOICE2.

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