Monday, December 07, 2020

Shwekey Live Park Concert Highlights (2019)

Just Released!

On Wednesday, August 28th,2019 a concert took place in Rishon Letzion’s “Live Park” massive stage. It was certainly one of the more impressive concerts on the international Jewish music scene, with many hours of preparation invested in making sure it came out just to perfection.

After a full year of highly focused planning of the content, creative media, and design, all produced by Sharon Daniel and his team, Shwekey checked off yet another box on his career resume by hosting both Shlomi Shabbat (Kollot and Ein Od Milvado) and Yonatan Razel (new song called Dovid Hamelech and of course Vehi Sheamdah) If that wasn’t enough, there were surprise performances by Israeli superstar Yishai Ribo (Racheim), and the talented Jewish kid duo Tzemed Yeled, and along the way during the course of the concert, also received a Platinum award from YouTube for having garnered over 100 million views between all of his videos.

The show was just non-stop, it started with a few slow Chuppah songs and ballads, and then just went more and more crazy as the set list went on. Some of the highlights that were songs were oldies such as Shomati, Ben Bag Bag, Ma Ma Ma, and others. Newer hits really got the crowd up and out of their seats, such as Aish, Yishtabach Shemo, Inshallah, and more.

The concert featured an impressive orchestra led by maestro Rafi Greidi, Creative and artistic direction from Izeek Daniel, sound engineer by Moshik Tzabbari, Lighting arrangement by Shay Swisa, as well as many others on the vast team who made this night so truly special.

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