Sunday, November 08, 2020

Yoeli & Levy Falkowitz - Avrumi Berko - Shira

When you crave nostalgia, no better idea of listening to the oldies of legendary Michoel Schnitzler, which you had grown up with from your childhood, each and every song can remind you it's own good memories when listening to them.

Ah Ehrliche Brucha is one of Michoel's shlager's, by the fact that almost everyone from small kids to older people that know this song by heart.

For the first time being released on a live Music Video, watch this epic video where the 2 talented brothers Levy & Yoeli Falkowitz perform this hit song at a recent family Simcha together with the Avrumi Berko Productions and accompanied by The Shira Choir, the song filled with heartwarming emotion is performed by these 2 incredibly talented superstars, that it's defiantly worth its "Click to Watch"!

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