Thursday, November 19, 2020

Shazak Parsha - Toldos - Geared for Kids, Great for Adults!


Thousands of frum millennials grew up with the sights and sounds of Shazak videos and books, Queen of Persia, Out of Egypt, and Miracle lights.

Now, Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz—the creator, voice-technician, and humorist, and designer behind the beloved series—has unveiled the fruits of years of painstaking research, writing, and recording: Shazak Parsha.

Using a blend of audio effects, thousands of custom-drawn illustrations, cutting-edge technology, and a good dose of humor, Shazak Parsha keeps children riveted as they listen, read, draw, and play their way through the weekly Torah portion.

An educator with decades of classroom experience, and an early adopter to technology, Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz is also an accomplished researcher and scholar, a published authority on Rambam and other historic figures in Jewish history.

Since its beta debut last year, Shazak Parsha has become a staple in classrooms all over the world. Recommended for students between the ages of 3 and 103, Shazak lives up to its tagline: Geared for Kids, Great for Adults.

Originally released as an app (for Android and iOS), the Shazak Parsha Experience has grown to include a home or classroom experience with audio and visuals, quizzers, online coloring sheets, insights, mock news reports, games, and just enough humor to keep kids hooked.

“Our students have never had so much fun learning Parsha,” attests Rabbi Avrohom Wagshul, 1st-grade teacher at Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy in Beverly Hills, CA. “As soon as I turn on Shazak, the room goes quiet, and I know that we are in for a wholesome learning experience, peppered by lots of laughs.”

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