Sunday, November 22, 2020

Ner Mitzvah, How It’s Made – A Behind The Scene Tour

The Chapter begins months in advance, at the Ner Mitzvah warehouse and factory where the preparations go into full swing!

The Olive oil that we selected arrive at the Bayonne NJ warehouse and Factory where each article is primed with quality and excellence, and every drop is sensibly filled with pureness.

The pure and beautiful beeswax arrive from our beeswax farms where the bees live and fly among natural wildflowers. The subsequent wax is an elegant shade with a fragrant honey scent. Each candle is hand dipped and crafted with quality by our expert candle makers.

The bustling warehouse are filled with thousands of boxes and hundreds of Chanukah products to be shipped throughout the world.

Chanukah has arrived and the vibe is felt in every Jewish home. After months of effort and venture, The Ner Mitzvah mission is accomplished.

Happy Chanukah

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