Thursday, November 05, 2020

5 Orphans are being Evicted From Their Home

5 Orphans are being evicted from their home on December 1st! “PLEASE HELP US!

We’ve already lost our mother, please don’t let us lose our home!”

All we have left of Ima are our memories of her. Our home is full of them. Every room reminds us of her love and the good times we shared when our family was whole. We walk into the kitchen and remember her delicious meals; we sit in the living room and remember the times we sat together as a family. These memories help us feel close to her now that she’s gone.’

‘Abba is a private teacher; he works hard to take care of us. Because of Covid, he hasn’t had any work in months, and the bills are piling up so fast. He hasn’t been able to pay the rent, and now we are about to lose our home. The last place Ima held us in her arms, the last place we felt her presence! Last night it rained and we looked out the window from our dry home and wondered what it would be like to have to sleep outside when it’s raining. I hope we can stay in our warm house.’

The landlord is banging on our door! He says we only have 3 more weeks! We’re so scared! It’s so cold outside! Where will we go?

Two years ago, Mrs. H tragically died, leaving behind five orphans, the oldest of whom is now only 14 years old. Their father has worked hard to take care of all their needs while paying off the enormous medical debt from his wife’s treatments.

For the last few months, he has had no income whatsoever, leaving the family destitute. He struggles to put food on the table to feed his children.

These orphans deserve a home and a warm meal every day.

The children are terrified. $36K MUST be raised and deposited into the landlords account by December 1st! 

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