Saturday, October 31, 2020

WATCH LIVE: SoulWords without Borders

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Rabbi Shais Taub and SoulWords are partnering with the global community for one great cause: You. Together we’ll connect more deeply and live more joyously.

Bring renowned intellect and inspiration wherever you go.

Today, we have the opportunity to support and strengthen one of our most valued Jewish resources:

One elegant site, hundreds of different topics, countless good.

Tens of thousands of listeners. Hundreds of subjects. Six continents and the most prestigious speaking venues in the world. Today it's just you and the Rabbi. Take Soulwords off of the desktop and into your pocket.

Have the insight, the inspiration and the intellect of #SoulWords in your pocket.

Rabbi Taub’s special brand of insight shows the world and everything in it as an opportunity for deeper, more meaningful learning. Curiosity and compassion are encouraged so every subject becomes personal and intertwined with each viewer's sense of wonder and self.

Every dollar you donate is TRIPLED!

Remember: We must raise the full amount, $180,000 within 36 hours, or all donations will be returned.

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