Monday, October 05, 2020


What is included in the MIAMI 1 year Subscription?

– All the full length video/dvds (14) on the site. All the audio/cds (45) on the site. Both MIAMI and Yerachmiel Begun CDS. (You can see and preview all these products from the top menu).

– Special Video features (23). Additional videos and features added throughout the year.

– Access to the Chol hamoed Live channel which each Yom Tov has new shows, at scheduled times, never seen before. (cost purchased separately is $25-$36).

– Miami Radio on 24/6.

How do I access my MIAMI Subscription content?

Once signed in to your account, everything will be available to you in a dropdown list in a ‘my subscription’ tab in the top menu, that appears just for members/subscribers!

How do I stream from my computer or phone and do other work at the same time?

On the computer, even if you open a new browser window, you can still watch or listen to the videos/cds. On the phone, if you want to listen to audio and go to another window, you can use the ‘play entire album’ feature, available for every album, which will not stop after each song completes. Allowing you to listen as you do other things. Same feature is available on the computer on each album.

How powerful are the servers of Can it handle thousands of people at once?

YES! we upgraded to the best servers in the business

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