Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The Making of an Audio-Visual Revolution in Patient Care


A sneak peek behind the scenes of the lifesaving initiative of an all-volunteer group of Hasidic hi-tech experts who utilized their expertise in a selfless desperate measure, to save the lives of patients, and the sanity of their loved ones separated due to Covid-19 hospital lock-downs, by virtually connecting them with a set of free tablets, operating a newly developed state-of-the-art 24/7 plug-n-play live video streaming application.

These tablets gives hospital bound patients the opportunity to virtually be with their family, see their smiles, feel their home environment, get much needed words of encouragement, thereby gaining the emotional strength to keep on fighting their illnesses. Additionally, it gives the family the opportunity to keep tab on the condition of their loved one in real time.

This innovative solution was developed in record time, meeting all legal standards of HIPAA laws, and hospital protocols, and went from concept to patient bedside in mere days.

Listen to the team of the best and the brightest, sense their dedication, see their brilliance, and feel their devotion those in unfortunate situations.

Please join this innovative revolution by contributing generously to this not-for-profit initiative and help bring this live streaming lifesaver to every patient in need.

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