Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Ki Heim Chayeinu - Moshe Katz - Single

Moshe katz is a singer and a guitarist. A famous kumzitzer, moshe has a knack for sweeping his crowd into the depth of neginah. Either with a Carlbach story or just a hartziga nigun, they get ignited and swept in Moshe has sung and performed at many of the kollel functions.

This video was produced in honor of a Siyum Hashas that the members of Kolel Ohr Shmuel, made לעילוי נשמת Shmuel z"l.

Kollel Ohr Shmuel was established two years ago in memory of Shmuel Gellis. A 4 year old boy with a pure Neshama who was tragically

killed in an accident on the 28th of Av.

Moshe, Shmuels father, together with his close friend Feivish Waxman, established a small early morning Kollel, as a zechus for Shmuel.

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Wow amazing made me cry