Monday, August 31, 2020

Shnayim Ochazin - Benzion Klatzko - Music Video

Composed by Rabbi #BenzionKlatzko
Performed by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko and Luzy Klatzko
Musical Arrangements by Yisroel Ament
Video by Benzion Klatzko

Torah should be alive and sweet! We were blessed with eight sons, each of them got the privilege of learning gemara in yeshiva. This week, the new zmaan began. What better way to enjoy and appreciate the holy and precious words of our Tanaaim and Amoraim, than through song and dance? Torah is life!

The song is crafted like a "chevrusah shaft" between myself and our 12 year old son, Luzy. The images in the video include three of our sons. Azarya, Luzy and Meyer, along with some scenes of me learning with our oldest grandson, Yonasan Ephraim (and their dog, who is a great listener)!

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