Thursday, August 06, 2020

Nissim Saal - Debut Single: "Breeze Of Hope"

When Nissim Saal sings, it heralds a shift in the mood to accommodate for the experiencing of a myriad of feelings and emotions.

His ability to expose his vulnerability through his unique and very talented voice that has a wide dynamic note range distinguishes him as a versatile singer-songwriter even as he resonates with listeners based on the realism of the messages he seeks to pass across.

As he easily hits high notes in a regular voice, Nissim is motivated to entertain while inspiring others. More than anything is the desire to use his artistry to influence positive change

Nissim always sang and played musical instruments as a kid at home. Growing up, he would sing for friends and at events driven by a fire that burned so deep, it only grew in magnitude as the years went by.

It therefore comes as no surprise that he teamed up with Hershy Menczer from Musical Cave productions and the well-known creative artist Boruch Sholom to write a song called Breeze of Hope – a song which offers hope that all struggles and challenges will pass. The song encourages people to use challenges as a stepping stone for growth even as they find the strength to keep going and embracing the unknown.

Production: Musical Cave
Producer: Hershy Menczer
Songwriter: Boruch Sholom
Arranged by: Shimon Strohli

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