Sunday, August 16, 2020

Meir Widerker Presents: Hine Kel Yeshuati, Eli Hertzlich

For this special project, Martin is not leaving anything to chance. He has assembled a team comprised of the greatest Hasidic singers to complete the series. The seventh song from the fourth album is now released as a single. Called "Hinei Keil Yeshuasi," it is sung by Eli Hertzlich, the star singer of the Litvishe world.

Herzlich has released two albums of his own, with songs that have become mainstays at weddings and events. His latest hit, “Malach,” taken from a letter by the Chazon Ish, is currently being sung at every Siyum Hashas and important event. The relationship Martin developed with Eli Herzlich was initiated through Yisroel Bergman, a musical producer, with Bergman undersigning the collaboration.

“The words come from Havdalah that we sing on Motzei Shabbos,” Hertzlich says, “and Havdalah always signals the end of an exhilarating Shabbos or of an enjoyable weekend get-together. It is a lot of fun to sing such a melody with Martin's wonderful compositions, along with the perfect mixing done by Menachem Bristovsky.”

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