Monday, August 03, 2020

Meilech 360 - Chalom by Lipa Reimagined

As a Musician Meilech Halpern from London fulfils his dream and passion in life by bringing music on the live stage to the next level, he releases this epic instrumental track!

Meilech originally from New York currently living in UK, has as time moved on become the most picked up musician at live events for the whole of UK.

Meilech collaborated with the talented Music Arranger Efraim Markowitz to assemble a vision for this oldie but goodie “Chalom” originally by Lipa Schmeltzer, and did an amazing very first 360 Vision Official Instrumental Video!

360 Vision Video

In this type of video (That can only be viewed on a dedicated software such as YouTube) you can turn your phone/tablet whichever way you want and you'll see that angel that was actually filmed live, you can also scroll with your finger tips to which corner you want, to which instrument you want to see now, and so much more that you're able to see and enjoy in a 360 Vision Video.

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